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Monday, February 05, 2007

4 Nuns Watching TV

This is funny, but your gotta get the joke! 18SX :p :p :p

4 Nuns at a church wanted to watch TV.

The first one said she wanted to watch the INDY 500.

The second one wanted to watch the sexy Shawn Michels on WWF.

The third nun said she wanted to watch the knitting channel so she can knit some mittens for the kitchen.

The fourth nun said she wanted to watch the discovery channel on how a baby is born.

After some discussion, they all decided to flip channels every 2 seconds so they can watch the same things.

This is what is sounded like:
And they're off! They're on top of each other! In...Out...In...Out...and
yes, the baby is born!


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