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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The World's Longest Pen!s

LOL Guys are always comparing,eh?

The two guys with the biggest penises in the world wanted to have a contest. They wanted to see whose penis was the biggest.

Not wanting everyone to see their contest they decided to walk from Brooklyn over the Verrazano Bridge to a Remote part of Staten Island.

While walking over the bridge and seeing all of that water, they had to urinate. They each started to urinate over the side of the bridge.

After about ten seconds the first guy said. "Whoooooo, this water is cold! Not to be out done, the other guy said. "Yes it is...And it's deep too!!!


Adam said...

I thought they had the biggest. Did they have the longest too?

Freaky Freak said...

Yes, at first biggest then longest :p

Big & Long :D

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