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Sunday, May 11, 2008

F@rking Dog

Today, while looking for jokes to de-stress, [too much blogging lately] I came across this very funny dirty joke thread in a forum at Yelp.com that is worth sharing. It made me laugh and I hope that I am not the only weirdo to laugh at a joke like this!

A guy walks into a bar and bets the bartender that he can give his dog 5 bucks and the dog will go out, get him the NY Times, and come back and give him the paper and his change.

The bartender takes the bet and he sends the dog out.

Half an hour passes - no dog.. an hour.. 2 hours.... the guys is freaking out, he says, "I gotta go find my dog."

He's looking all over town until he finally finds the dog in an alley fucking a French poodle.

The guy say, "You never did anything like this before!" The dog replied, "Never had 5 bucks before."

For more dirty jokes shared by members of the forum, check out Yelp.com.


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