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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How To Make Your C*** Longer (Part 1)

This one's written by someone by the ID Carimakan. It's hilarious!

Young Man: Ah Pek, you very experience, can tell me something ah? My cock very short lah. How to make it longer?

Ah Pek: Haiyah,, young man, you wan your cock so long for what? You think the chee bai got so deep meh?

Young Man: Nolah.. I see in the video hor, all the matsalleh got long long cock one. My one only 4 inches, next time how to make my wife shiok?

Ah Pek: chinese cock got 4 inches enough already what. Chinese chee bai also about 4 inches deep only one. Don worry lah.

Young Man: Then if I wan to marry mat salleh how? 4 inches where got enough? Please lah, teach me lah.

Ah Pek: Waaa… wan to marry Mat salleh somemore. You can kau tim or not? Mat Salleh very hungry one you know. One night 3 times also not enough. You can tahan ah?

Young Man: Eeei, no problem lah. 5 times also can. Scared not long enough only.

Ah Pek: Hmmm.. like that hor. Ok, you go home, use your mother’s vacumn cleaner and suck you ku ku chiao for 5 minutes every morning. After 3 months sure tambah 2 inches one.

Young Man: Like that also can meh? Don’t bluff me wor.

Ah Pek: Nolah, Ah Pek where got simply bluff people one.


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