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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How To Make Your C*** Longer (Part 2)

This is a continuation. Please read Part 1 first.

Young Man: Blardy hell Ah Pek! You really take me to Holland lah.

Ah Pek: Why…? What happened?

Young Man: Nyah Ma.. you tell me use vacuum cleaner suck my ku ku chiao can make it longer? Where can?! I try 3 days already also never see got get long? Now my ku ku chiao very painful. Want to ta fei kei also cannot.

Ah Pek: Kakakaaaakkaaa…….. yes meh?? Aiyo 3 days only what. Where got so fast one? Must wait 3 months lah.

Young Man: Huh, 3 months… 3 months my ku ku chiao also drop off already I think. You really big cannon lah.

Ah Pek: I big cannon you for what….?

Young Man: If not why my ku ku chiao so painful one?

Ah Pek: How high you turn your vacuum cleaner?

Young Man: No. 3 lah. Top speed.

Ah Pek: Haiyooo.. where can like that. Must slow slow lah. You one shot wan to suck it long long where can? Use no.1 lah.

Young Man: Oooh… like that one ah. Barger, don bluff me again you know.

Ah Pek: Haiyoo..told you before I don simply bluff people one what.

Young Man: Ei, Ah Pek, Ah Pek, my class hor, got one very beautiful girl you know, but everytime I see her also I very shy to talk to her lah. Can teach me how to tackle her ah?

Ah Pek: Last time you told me you like Mat salleh only?

Young Man: Yalah.. but this girl very hot wor, ta fei kei also I think of herlah!

Ah Pek: Oh, like that means you wan to fark her only lah. Not because she very good or anything lah. Aiyaa.. very easy what. Ask her nicely lor.

Young Man: How nicely?

Ah Pek: Tomorrow morning when you meet her in school that time, just go up and ask “May I fark you please…?” You ask nicely like that hor, she sure give you one lah.


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