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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Karate Dog

If you know me, you will know that I am an animal lover. That's why I find animal jokes exceptionally funny. I read a lot of jokes daily but not all can make me laugh out loud. Those that could make me laugh are good enough to be published on my blog.

This joke is about a little chihuahua that knows karate. Enjoy the unexpected!
A man wanted a watchdog, so he went to the pet store. He asks the clerk, "Do you have a good watchdog?" The clerk replies, "You're in luck; I have one left." She comes back with a chihuahua. The man, a little ticked off, says "What the hell do I need a chihuahua for? That's not a watchdog!" The clerk replies, "But this is a special watchdog. He knows karate."

The clerk takes the chihuahua and the man out to an alley, where there is some trashy furniture. The clerk points to a chair and says, "Karate that chair!" Less than a second later, the chihuahua reduces the chair to sawdust. The clerk points to a sofa and commands the dog to "Karate that sofa!" Repeat performance. The man, amazed, buys the dog for $100 and takes it home.

When he gets home, the man shows his wife the chihuahua proclaiming, "Honey, I got you a watchdog!" The wife yells, "That isn't a watchdog, for cryin' out loud! You wasted your money!" The man calmly replies, "This is a special watchdog. He knows karate."

The wife, flustered, shouts: "Karate?!? Karate my ass!!!"


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