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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

30 Advantages of Being A Woman

I always felt that it is a disadvantage to be a woman. I feel that being a man comes with more freedom and choices to do what we want to do in life. A woman, especially an Asian woman, meanwhile, has a host of restrictions in life that curbs her lifestyle and ambitions. Of course, I cannot say the same for ALL women but I am sure I am not the only one to feel so.

This evening, I stumbled upon a list of thirty points detailing why it is better to be a woman. Do you know why? I guess we can never compare because we are either a man or a woman and not both at the same time. Now, that would be freaky!

Check out the list of advantages of being a woman RIGHT HERE. My personal favourite would be:

19. We never have to reach down every so often to make sure our privates are still there.

HHhmmm I always thought that guys love touching their family jewels because of itch. Guess not!


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